Roberto was born in Switzerland, grew up and was educated in the city of Zurich.

He moved to Rome to pursue his studies in Art and Fashion Design at the International School of High Fashion and Berlin’s Esmod University.

Right after his graduation, he has thrown into the industry. In the span of 8 years, he has been involved in the entire lifecycle of fashion product, having been both Designer as well as Product Manager.

During this time, prestigious luxury brands were able to count on his talents, with activities that span across the globe, from London to New York to Hong Kong.

In February 2017 Roberto presented his first collection during Milan fashion week.

He appeared on Sara Maino’s Vogue Talents platform and right after that his creations quickly appeared on all major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and L’Officiel. Few months later he got selected as finalist of Vogue’s Who is on next?2017 contest.

Many influent personalities from the fashion world, from art and many celebrities has been seen wearing his pieces. The collection has been selected by some of the most exclusive retailers worldwide.

He’s been strongly inspired by intelligent and creative women, contemporary art and music. Nevertheless his art is internally driven, it is about his feelings and his thoughts. It’s a synthesis of what he finds interesting and special, it’s never just about creating something beautiful.

His pieces are both eclectic and understated: sharp, bold, timeless.

All materials are custom made. Manufacturing is entirely made in Italy, crafted by the most experienced master artisans. All items are produced in limited quantities and controlled in-house.

He’s currently based in Milan.